Using photography as a vehicle to self-realisation

Fine-art nature and conservation photographer Maurice Spees (Earthkeepers initiative) presents a profound creative exploration using photography as a vehicle to self-realisation. That means a tool to connect your subconsciousness with your conscious awareness. A technique he developed over the course of a decade when he witnessed the huge effect the meditative state of being had his work when he spend three months submersed in Vipassana meditation in a Buddhist temple in Asia (2006). For the last 8 years he facilitates classes to help others master the technique that helps you transform the way you look at the world. Making the ordinary become extraordinary, connecting us to things in their glory, the presence of magic as a language of Spirit in all that is.

With Mindful Photography you learn to truly see through the purest set of eyes, removing all filters. As a result you are able to capture the world in works of art that enchant and captivate people’s hearts by instilling the true beauty presence into people’s lives. You will never see the world in the same light again. It’s Maurice’s intention to guide you into using your camera in the way it was invented. Opening doorways to a perception that not just makes you able to capture magic, but actively engage you into making magic happen!

The eyes are the doors to our perception, and the camera is our window.  – Maurice Spees

In these intensive workshops you will learn…

  • To use your camera intuitively as an extension of your heart.
  • To capture the presence of natural beauty and magic that is all around us but we are often overlook in our occupied mind.
  • Resulting in work that you can use to tell your story and highlight your gifts.
  • To feel totally connected, and tab into a creative source that is readily available to you at any moment you ask for it.
  • To actively see the world as a reflection of your own state of being.
  • Mindful seeing as a reflection of mindful being.

So together we take photography to a higher level, the level of the soul, where your camera becomes a vehicle for self-realisation!



Photography is all about the act of SEEING, and our ability to SHARE what we SEE, so that we can INSPIRE a world into being that we want to SEE. – Maurice Spees

WHY mindful Photography by Maurice Spees?

During a three-month insight meditation retreat in SE-Asia in 2006, Maurice Spees discovered the effect our state of being, especially insight meditation (Vipassana) has on the photography we capture. The retreat brought him back to the state of innocence and pure awareness in which he enjoyed the moment just like a child again, but now with the awareness and recollection of his adult mind. By recovering his inner-child nature he developed an intuitive skill, which he calls intuitive communication with nature, in which nature gives us all the answers we seek.

Through intuitive communication with nature, he developed the entire workflow and workshops which he is offering now. With the help of the insights revealed from Nature he discovered a universal way to uncover and embody our true nature. With the help of Mindful Photography practice he created a powerful vehicle through which everyone is able to get in touch with the same inherent ability. Combined with practicing mindful seeing this technique helps us not only to uncover our true nature, but it will transform your camera into a powerful vehicle for self-discovery and mastery.

So by finding this innate gift, he enjoys dedicating his life to connecting people with nature through this unique vehicle: Mindful Photography workshops in nature.

That’s not all. Because the entire technique is inspired by nature, learning Mindful Photographer lets you become part of a collective of conservation photographers, which help you dive into becoming a conscious visual communicator for the preciousness of our natural world. As Mindful photographers we are here to instill beauty in people’s hearts!

We as artists and passionate photographers are the projectors of what we wish to see in our world. Shining light in dark places. We are the one’s that make people see and get back in touch with their true nature as maintainers of beauty, harmony and balance of our natural habitat.

The world needs Mindful Photographers. The world needs people who see!

You are a gift to the world instilling beauty back into people’s hearts by showing the magic that is all around us. With just a small investment and Maurice his lifetime dedication to his work, you can become the voice of nature expressing her presence through your images. With the right campaign and awareness the world cannot have enough of the spirit of nature that is speaking to and through us every single moment when we are open to receive the present for being present revealed in magic.


Call for artists

As an artists you are here to instil beauty into people’s lives to inspire people into opening up their hearts to the beauty and magic of our world. To help make people remember their calling as conscious sustainer of this beauty which naturally creates more harmony in our society and nature as a whole.

It’s a zen experience!

“These Mindful Photography moments will become very special to you. You will have more ideas for photographs than you ever dreamed possible, and be itching to reveal and share your new awareness of the world around you. These are the rewards of relaxed attentiveness.”

Maurice Spees

Maurice Spees

Visionary Founder and facilitator

Maurice Spees – Earthkeeper (1975) is an intuitive guide and transformational facilitator who brings people into contact with source and nature by sharing wisdom, insights, film and mindful photography and messages from the earth and nature. His core intention is to bring the world healing art that liberates the Spirit. He is able to communicate straight from Source.
Maurice is also a transformational life coach and he holds multi-day Mindful Photography intensives and Earthkeepers retreats all around the world.