About Mindful Photography

Mindful Photography workshops are intensive experiential in which you learn how to intuitively use your camera and enhance your vision. Not just to capture extraordinary images but unlike other techniques uses photography in the way it was intended*, as an effective vehicle towards self-mastery.

Inspired by nature and facilitated and guided by visual artist Maurice Spees - conservation, art and travel photographer/ filmmaker and creative empowerment agent.



This intensive workshop is for you if you want to:

  • Explore and enhance your creativity and the power of observation.
  • Experience the health and stress-releasing benefits of creative seeing.
  • Learn how to capture images like you can find on my site, and become a better photographer, as a person.
  • Enchant people with your images.
  • Experience how refreshing your eyes unattached from mental cluttering can enhance your entire life.
  • Learn to fully connect with nature, which inspires you into uncovering your own true nature that is uniquely yours.
  • Learn how the gift of mindful seeing can become a valuable asset as a contribution to your community.
  • Develop the benefit of using photography as a fun and easy vehicle to uncover your true nature. What is your unique mission in life? Learn how mindful photography can help you capture that vision.
  • Explore becoming a conscious conservation photographer (professionally or hobby) by the fun ability to SEE, CAPTURE, SHARE, INSPIRE, EMBODY and SHINE the natural beauty that is present all around us.
  • Learn the art of expressive-creative photography, a way of  using the camera in relation to your mind, heart and spirit. Which can open the doors to fine-art photography. How to be photography!
  • Learn to listen to your intuition and develop a strong aesthetic sense!

“It is all in the act of SEEING and our ability to SHARE what we SEE that we can INSPIRE the world that we want to SEE.” – Maurice Spees


When you uncover your true nature, or authentic self, you will become true to Nature and her principles and you will naturally flourish into a conscious co-creator of the same Nature presence in everything you do and give back to the world.



As an artists you are here to instill beauty in people’s lives which inspires people to open up their hearts to the world and makes them remember their calling as conscious sustainer of BEAUTY which naturally creates more HARMONY that leads to BALANCE.

It’s a zen experience!

These Mindful Photography moments will become very special to you. You will have more ideas for photographs than you ever dreamed possible, and be itching to reveal and share your new awareness of the world around you. These are the rewards of relaxed attentiveness.


WHY mindful Photography by Maurice Spees?

During a three-month insight meditation retreat in SE-Asia, Maurice Spees discovered the effect our state of being, especially insight meditation (Vipassana) has on the photography we capture. The retreat brought him back to the state of innocence and pure awareness in which he enjoyed the moment just like a child again, but now with the awareness and recollection of his adult mind. By recovering his inner-child nature he developed an intuitive skill, which he calls intuitive communication with nature, in which nature gives us all the answers we seek. Through intuitive communication with nautre, he developed the entire workflow and workshops which he is offering now. With the help of the insights revealed from Nature he discovered a universal way to uncover and embody our true nature. With the help of Mindful Photography practice he created a powerful vehicle through which everyone is able to get in touch with the same inherent ability. Combined with practicing mindful seeing this technique helps us not only to uncover our true nature, but it will transform your camera into a powerful vehicle for self-discovery and mastery.

So by finding this innate gift, he enjoys dedicating his life to connecting people with nature through this unique vehicle: Mindful Photography workshops in nature.

That’s not all. Because the entire technique is inspired by nature, learning Mindful Photographer lets you become part of a collective of conservation photographers, which help you dive into becoming a conscious visual communicator for the preciousness of our natural world. As Mindful photographers we are here to instill beauty in people’s hearts!

We as artists and passionate photographers are the projectors of what we wish to see in our world. Shining light in dark places. We are the one’s that make people see and get back in touch with their true nature as maintainers of beauty, harmony and balance of our natural habitat.

The world needs Mindful Photographers. The world needs people who see!

You are a gift to the world instilling beauty back into people’s hearts by showing the magic that is all around us. With just a small investment and Maurice his lifetime dedication to his work, you can become the voice of nature expressing her presence through your images. With the right campaign and awareness the world cannot have enough of the spirit of nature that is speaking to and through us every single moment when we are open to receive the present for being present revealed in magic.

© 2014 taken from the book “Master the Art of Mindful Photography – awaken to the beauty all around you and uncover your true nature.” by Maurice Spees

Follow your joy!



Dreams come true when we wake up in them.

Maurice Spees

About Maurice

Maurice Spees is an award winning conservation, art and travel photographer and filmmaker who passionately dedicates his work to the preservation of nature, art and culture worldwide. He travels around the world, where for many years he has shared his passion, to touch and connect people to the wonders of nature and culture with Photography. Facilitating workshop intensives in nature and on location, that teach you how to use photography as a powerful vehicle to self-mastery.



Mindful Photographer | Conservation Photographer & Filmmaker | Creative Empowerment agent / coach


Opening up the eyes, hearts and minds of as much people as i possibly can, by guiding them in getting in touch with nature and their own nature. To help embody and express their own beauty and perfection, just like nature does. Through my work as a photographer and filmmaker I facilitate  instructional and life-changing workshops and master classes across the globe. Providing direct individual and group experiences in nature, using the art of photography as a powerful vehicle to self-mastery.

Next to inspirational empowerment talks, I  provide additional workshops in intuitive development, authentic movement, nature quests and self-mastery travel programs for leaders, students and children around the world.

With both a mindful and intuitive approach to my work I offer my presence and work as a gift to the you. All I ask in return is your contribution to make it possible for me to continue giving these gifts to people and inspiring others to be their gift to the world. So that we help each other making dreams come true.

Maurice has been working around the globe as a conservation, art and travel photographer and filmmaker, spreading his love for nature and her beauty across the world. Through both film and photography Maurice tends to share the power of our connection with nature instilling this beauty and magic into people’s hearts. With Mindful Photography he continues connecting and engaging people with the natural beauty of nature and ordinary life alike. Using the art of film and photography as a powerful communication and transformation tool to tab into the potent gift we all carry as caretakers of our planet; to help maintain beauty, harmony and balance that is naturally present in nature and within ourselves.


Throughout my work as a traveling cameraman/ director, documentary filmmaker and photographer (15 years) I discovered my innate intercultural adaptability, which together with an intuitive and spontaneous approach to life became the primary ingredients of my work and exploration as a wildlife, conservation, art and travel photographer. My fascination for Asian culture let me to SE-Asia in 2003, where I spend a good eight years of my life. Merging my passion for eastern philosophy, nature, performance art, chi energy and insight meditation into the dedicated gift I offers today. My primary source of inspiration is: intuitive communication with nature. I let nature communicate through my work. From the synergy of all these ingredients I developed a knack for empowering and guiding people into their unique potential and true self, while being a guide and example.

All I do is express my love for the world through my work.”

Mindful Photography makes us see the world as it really is, a reflection of our inner-self. A mirror for our soul.

Maurice Spees

Mindful Photography Workshops

Experience seeing your ordinary life with fresh eye, so that not just your pictures, but your entire life becomes EXTRAORDINARY! I offer workshops which enhance your vision and photography skills and refresh your perception, by getting you in touch with the beauty that is all around us as inspired by nature. Learn the power of observation and how to use your camera as a powerful vehicle for self-mastery. A life changing experience.
The workshops, tours and intensives are hands-on and include in-field training in mindful photography and we help you become a conscious conservation photographer.
Check out the offer and schedules below and come and join us at fabulous locations across the world.

Introduction Workshop

Introduction workshop in Mindful Photography is a low cost but high value first step into Mindful Photography.

Locations: Worldwide natural parks and forests.

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3 Day Intensive Masterclass

A 3+ day workshop intensive. Dive deep into mindful photography. Take your photography to the next level. The only technique with which you learn to use your camera as a vehicle on the road to self-mastery.

Locations: Worldwide natural parks and forests.

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1:1+ TUITION and mastery

Private in the field training to dive deep into the technical side of your own camera, mindful photography as a professional conservation photographer.

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Mindful Editing in LIGHTROOM


In this workshop you learn to enhance your images and make them look exactly like you intended to while in the field. You not just learn the basics of working with lightroom, but also how I use lightroom professionally.

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Mindful Photography introduction workshop and masterclass in Brunei, Borneo October – November 2014
Dates are being prepared with participants. Here is a short introduction video about the workshops.

When we loose our connection with nature, we loose the most essential part of ourselves. As an artist and guide I fully commit myself to help sustain this connection.

Maurice Spees

Mindful Photography Gallery

Fine Art Mindful Photography work by Maurice Spees. To enhance the spirit of your living and work environment with the natural beauty of our world! All works are available on fine-art Giclée press, fine-art aluminium, acrylic or canvas. Feel free to contact me for more info.

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