About Mindful Photography

Mindful Photography workshops are intensive experiential in which you learn how to intuitively use your camera and enhance your vision. Not just to capture extraordinary images but unlike other techniques uses photography in the way it was intended*, as an effective vehicle towards self-mastery.

Inspired by nature and facilitated and guided by visual artist Maurice Spees - conservation, art and travel photographer/ filmmaker and creative empowerment agent.



This intensive workshop is for you if you want to:

  • Explore and enhance your creativity and the power of observation.
  • Experience the health and stress-releasing benefits of creative seeing.
  • Learn how to capture images like you can find on my site, and become a better photographer, as a person.
  • Enchant people with your images.
  • Experience how refreshing your eyes unattached from mental cluttering can enhance your entire life.
  • Learn to fully connect with nature, which inspires you into uncovering your own true nature that is uniquely yours.
  • Learn how the gift of mindful seeing can become a valuable asset as a contribution to your community.
  • Develop the benefit of using photography as a fun and easy vehicle to uncover your true nature. What is your unique mission in life? Learn how mindful photography can help you capture that vision.
  • Explore becoming a conscious conservation photographer (professionally or hobby) by the fun ability to SEE, CAPTURE, SHARE, INSPIRE, EMBODY and SHINE the natural beauty that is present all around us.
  • Learn the art of expressive-creative photography, a way of  using the camera in relation to your mind, heart and spirit. Which can open the doors to fine-art photography. How to be photography!
  • Learn to listen to your intuition and develop a strong aesthetic sense!

“It is all in the act of SEEING and our ability to SHARE what we SEE that we can INSPIRE the world that we want to SEE.” – Maurice Spees


When you uncover your true nature, or authentic self, you will become true to Nature and her principles and you will naturally flourish into a conscious co-creator of the same Nature presence in everything you do and give back to the world.


As an artists you are here to instill beauty in people’s lives which inspires people to open up their hearts to the world and makes them remember their calling as conscious sustainer of BEAUTY which naturally creates more HARMONY that leads to BALANCE.

It’s a zen experience!

These Mindful Photography moments will become very special to you. You will have more ideas for photographs than you ever dreamed possible, and be itching to reveal and share your new awareness of the world around you. These are the rewards of relaxed attentiveness.

WHY mindful Photography by Maurice Spees?

During a three-month insight meditation retreat in SE-Asia, Maurice Spees discovered the effect our state of being, especially insight meditation (Vipassana) has on the photography we capture. The retreat brought him back to the state of innocence and pure awareness in which he enjoyed the moment just like a child again, but now with the awareness and recollection of his adult mind. By recovering his inner-child nature he developed an intuitive skill, which he calls intuitive communication with nature, in which nature gives us all the answers we seek. Through intuitive communication with nautre, he developed the entire workflow and workshops which he is offering now. With the help of the insights revealed from Nature he discovered a universal way to uncover and embody our true nature. With the help of Mindful Photography practice he created a powerful vehicle through which everyone is able to get in touch with the same inherent ability. Combined with practicing mindful seeing this technique helps us not only to uncover our true nature, but it will transform your camera into a powerful vehicle for self-discovery and mastery.

So by finding this innate gift, he enjoys dedicating his life to connecting people with nature through this unique vehicle: Mindful Photography workshops in nature.

That’s not all. Because the entire technique is inspired by nature, learning Mindful Photographer lets you become part of a collective of conservation photographers, which help you dive into becoming a conscious visual communicator for the preciousness of our natural world. As Mindful photographers we are here to instill beauty in people’s hearts!

We as artists and passionate photographers are the projectors of what we wish to see in our world. Shining light in dark places. We are the one’s that make people see and get back in touch with their true nature as maintainers of beauty, harmony and balance of our natural habitat.

The world needs Mindful Photographers. The world needs people who see!

You are a gift to the world instilling beauty back into people’s hearts by showing the magic that is all around us. With just a small investment and Maurice his lifetime dedication to his work, you can become the voice of nature expressing her presence through your images. With the right campaign and awareness the world cannot have enough of the spirit of nature that is speaking to and through us every single moment when we are open to receive the present for being present revealed in magic.

© 2014 taken from the book “Master the Art of Mindful Photography – awaken to the beauty all around you and uncover your true nature.” by Maurice Spees

Follow your joy!



Dreams come true when we wake up in them.

Maurice Spees

About Maurice

Thank you for visiting Mindful Photography by Maurice Spees – Visionary EARTHKEEPER Artist & Teacher | using photography and film as a healing art to liberate the Spirit. Mindful Photography takes people to the depth of nature and their own nature to discover the magic of living

I connect people to Spirit through my work, because it is my relation to Spirit that makes me able to capture these moments.
It’s not about me, it’s about your connection with Nature, where you to can discover the magical being that you are in relation with Spirit. If you can recognize the spirit of my work, then I would love to invite you to meet me in person wherever I AM or wherever you want me to BE. During my inspirational talks or by joining the next
Creative Vision Exploration Retreat.

I can sometimes be found active on facebook 




Visionary EARTHKEEPER guide and trailer - film and photography as a healing art to liberate the Spirit

People come to me when they want to capture their Spirit or want to meet their inner shaman, their inner guru, their inner bodhisattva,  grounded in love and without the labels attached.

MY LIFE MISSION is to guide people into seeing the world from their unique perspective, the perspective of Spirit. To see the big picture and ripen their inner wisdom. From where their whole life contribution can unfold naturally, into their gift back to the world. By facilitating co-creative platforms of direct experience. Platforms that in itself are a giant step of the stairway up. That help people get in touch with and attuned with nature and  in their meet their higher nature. We open up our hearts to help our Spirit liberate oneself! 

Using a combination of vision quests, creative visioning, ceremonies, exploration, movement, meditation, chi, creative development, photography and performance art as a powerful vehicle to develop a pure relation with Spirit that can bring out the best in you.

*Spirit for me is the Sacred Spirit of the Earth that is also instilled in you and asks us to be liberated. That gives us access to the infinite source of potential and helps us step out of karma and into dharma. With my work I merge my Buddhist perspective with my relation with nature and the Earth Spirit.

Maurice Spees (1975) is an award winning (self-made) wildlife, nature & culture conservationist photographer and film artist.Using film and photography in combination with intuitive communication with nature and meditation as a healing art to liberate the Spirit. Nowadays he is a sought after intuitive, visionary guide and nature man, who through mastering his vision enjoys guiding people into their innate essence (Source/Spirit), as an artist and spiritual guide in nature.

“My employer is Mother Earth. I work in co-creation with nature and in attunement with the Sacred Spirit of the Earth.”

As a founding chief of the Earthkeepers tribe I bring together kindred spirits from around the world with a common vision and mission. To experience true co-creation in synarchy as a reflection of nature. And to embody the love for all living creation as a collective group of caretakers of our beloved planet. All well aware of the wisdom that is available to us all when we learn to witness and recognise pure Spirit again, so that together we can take the world to the next level. This is just a small vision once you are part of it. 

Maurice has been working around the globe for over decade; as a nature & culture conservation artist with photography  & video/film. Capturing and elevating the Spirit of life. Spreading his love for nature and her beauty he brings a wealth of experience to people across the world. With both film and photography Maurice shares the power of our connection with nature, instilling beauty and magic into the hearts of many. His work is an invitation to attune ourselves with nature where we can develop a pure relation with Spirit to brings out our essence. Tapping into the potent gift we all carry within, as caretakers of our planet; to purify oneself, so that our Spirit can take over. To help maintain the beauty, harmony and balance that is naturally present in nature and within the depths of our being.

Mindful Photography is one of his vehicles, inspired by nature, with which Maurice connects people with the Spirit and magic present all around us. Using our camera as a mirror for our Soul expressing our own nature. Mindful Photography is a beautiful tool that is able to connect and engage us with the natural beauty of our ordinary life. Where ever you are.


Mindful Photography arose as the synergy between my 15 years experiencing as a globetrotting professional artist, photographer and filmmaker, my self-realisation experience in Asia and Europe’s Nature explorations. Through intense contemplation in eastern philosophies with the help of insight Vipassana meditation, I uncovered an innate ability to intuitively communicate with nature. Through this I started to uncover that all of my gifts to life depends on my relationship with Spirit. Which is the primal ingredient that guided me to developing everything I teach today. The last decade I develop a joy and a knack for empowering and guiding people into their own true nature, filled with their gifts coming from a pure relation with Spirit. Through workshops, inspirational talks, exclusive 1:1 sessions, creative vision explorations and  retreats.

From 2007 onwards I facilitated workshops in a variety of subject; intuitive development, authentic movement, group experiments, filmmaking and mindful photography for groups of professionals, leaders and students. Throughout my life I have been guiding, coaching and advising creative people and projects from all walks of life. The essence and juice of this experience I brought together into the ever-growing Earthkeepers gatherings, circles and retreats. I facilitate in the Balearic Islands and SE-Asia today.”

All I do is express my love for the world through my work.”


Mindful Photography makes us see the world as it really is, a reflection of our inner-self. A mirror for our soul.

Maurice Spees


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Birgit"Een ongelooflijk goede filmproducer en fotograaf, die in zijn producten hoofd en hart met elkaar weet te verbinden. Iemand die altijd raak schiet, of het nou om begeleiding van filmproducties gaat of om zijn eigen foto’s en films. Als adviseur helpt hij mij (procesbegeleider publieke sector) om van papier beelden te maken en mensen met deze beelden te raken. Als samenwerkingspartner verrast hij door zijn prettige co-creatieve werkwijze. En als mens én professional door zijn geloofwaardige en congruente manier van zijn. Misschien komt het daardoor dat het hem lukt om in alles de schoonheid naar boven te halen."

Birgit Oelkers Plan & Aanpak - Overheidsparticipatie 25/01/2014

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Ericbos"Onlangs kwam ik via een bevriende relatie in contact met Maurice Spees. Maurice Spees is fotograaf en filmer. Hij specialiseert zich in - wat hij zelf omschrijft als - Mindful Photography. Ik ben zeer onder de indruk van het werk van Maurice en Maurice zelf. De foto's van Maurice laten feilloos zien hoe magisch de wereld om ons heen eigenlijk is. Ze bieden reflectie en rust in hectische, onzekere tijden waarin we genoodzaakt worden datgene wat we als vanzelfsprekend beschouwen ter discussie te stellen. Ze laten zien waaruit onze basis bestaat: onze relatie tot de natuur en onze rol daarin. Maurice 'vangt' het magische moment en maakt dat weer zichtbaar. Hij laat ons zien wat er is maar wat we zelf niet meer zien. Daar waar Daguerre in 1839 in zijn daguerreotype van de Boulevard du Temple in Paris, dingen liet en laat zien die voor ons allen zichtbaar zijn maar we nooit opmerken, zo maakt het werk van Maurice een dimensie zichtbaar die we alleen zien als we er voor open willen staan. Het werk van Maurice fascineert en blijft fascineren. "

Eric Bos Waaldijk 19thcenturyphotography.com & Adviseur Ondernemersondersteuning 25/01/2014

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lieke"Als fotograaf en filmmaker laat Maurice de wonderen van de wereld zien, daar waar andere mensen er voorbij hollen. Hij is helemaal in zijn element in de natuur waardoor de meest magische foto’s tot stand komen. Door zijn goede intuitie ziet Maurice direct hoe projecten het beste aangepakt kunnen worden. Zijn enthousiasme werkt daarbij uitermate aanstekelijk."

Lieke Meertens Journalist, blogger, BEBLISSED.NL 25/01/2014

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fritsTop qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“Maurice is een bijzondere fotograaf. Hij is in staat om in compleet verschillende situaties en van allerlei soorten mensen hun ziel vast te leggen in zijn fotografie. Dat doet hij heel ontspannen en schijnbaar zonder dat hij daar moeite voor hoeft te doen. Het resultaat van zijn aanpak is groots: een zeer authentieke en stralende weergave van een mens die zijn verhaal vertelt op de foto. Ik kan Maurice bij iedereen aanbevelen die zich zelf en de uit te dragen boodschap natuurgetrouw wil laten vastleggen .”

Frits Cohen Training, Advies, Coaching 25/01/2014

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Annemieke"Maurice is een professional, die op een bescheiden en integere manier prachtig werk levert. Kijk maar naar de filmpjes op mijn website."

Annemieke van der Mooren Systeemopstellingen begeleider 25/01/2014

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Eli"I love how I can feel your essence through your images, and what it conveys is your own inward self expression with a soul stamp unique to you. it's very beautiful."

Eli Twinks Exec PA to BPI Chairman 25/01/2014

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Mart“Maurice is een zeer prettig rustig en toegankelijk persoon, die je tijdens het fotograferen op je gemak stelt. Het resultaat is geworden zoals ik het mij had voorgesteld en meer! Persoonlijk en natuurgetrouw. Hij heeft mij blij verrast met de foto’s. Ik kan Maurice van harte aanbevelen.

Mart Renes M Art Interior Design 25/01/2014

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Bianca"Maurice maakt co-creatieve producties tot een magisch wonder. Hij heeft een scherpe visie op kwaliteit en weet deze altijd te waarborgen. Zijn Intuïtie is zijn kompas en dient het project of samenwerking."

Bianca Blom Onderwijsvernieuwer, ELKAAR 25/01/2014

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Thomas“Maurice has a very original outlook on any project he works on. He will work with the utmost dedication and high professional standard getting the best results for who ever has employed him. Working with him has always been a very pleasant experience."

Thomas van Nes Sound Studio Thomasso 25/01/2014

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Kas“Maurice is a pioneer in his creative journey to come up with the right visuals that are needed to show people what they are looking for in both Photography and Music video's. I've worked with him with much pleasure. He combines technical knowledge with his tremendous creative vision in a perfect balance.
I recomment hiring him, cause he will not just get the job done, you always get more!"

Kasper Dam Musician 25/01/2014

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Tom"Maurice was hired to edit our TV documentary in 2006.He displayed a competent range of technical skills, creativity, accompanied by both initiative and imagination."

Tom Fawthrop BBC Journalist / Producer & Fillmmakerm EUREKA FILMS 25/01/2014

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gast"Maurice did an excellent job of filming and editing my outstanding acting performance. He was a pleasure to work with and I would certainly work with him in the future."

George Hofman CEO at Network Immunology Inc. 25/01/2014

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Lodewijk“Maurice has the remarkable ability to make the camera disappear. He produced a couple of clips of staff and students of Burton Academie. We were impressed by the fact that Maurice really made us feel comfortable and at ease with the camera. The result: clips that show authenticity.”

Lodewijk Dekker Directeur Burton Academie 25/01/2014

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Birgit2"Ik heb het gevoel dat Maurice met zijn manier van kijken tot de ziel van mensen, dieren en dingen weet door te dringen en dat dat de reden is dat zijn foto’s zo binnenkomen. Volgens mij lukt hem dat omdat hij helemaal aanwezig is bij alles wat hij doet, een soort gepersonificeerde mindfulness zou je kunnen zeggen… Ik vind hem in dat opzicht ook een representant van een groep creatieve professionals die vanuit een nieuwe spiritualiteit en (de wens tot) verbondenheid werken. Zijn levenshouding valt helemaal samen met zijn professionele houding. Daardoor wordt hij volstrekt geloofwaardig en congruent en ontstaat een openheid aan beide kanten die maakt dat het hem lukt ware schoonheid in beeld te brengen. Dat klinkt misschien een beetje vaag, maar ik kan het niet anders uitleggen. Misschien moeten jullie maar gewoon naar zijn foto’s, films en projecten kijken."

Birgit Oelkers Strategische kartrekker, sociaal ondernemer, 7Zebras 25/01/2014

default image

Stuart“This guy has vision out of this world, do not delay in calling him - in fact call him now, he is ahead of his time! We highly recommend him."

Stuart Mackay CEO Peace at Work Snd Bhd Malaysia 22/01/2014

default image

Jorge“Maurice is een warme enthousiaste professional vol creativiteit die je helpt visuele concepten te ontwikkelen. Het was een plezier om met hem samen te werken en kan het iedereen van harte aan bevelen eens met hem van gedachte te wisselen over film, documentaires, of visuele (marketing)concepten.”

Jorge Oosthoek Procurement coordinator at Mexx 20/01/2014

“As a born Earthkeeper my intention in life is to express my respect and unconditional love for all living creation and in this love radiate my presence as a living inspiration. Creating a life for myself and others in which we can fully embody and live from our higher selves, by arranging our lives in such a way that we are in constant alignment with source. Bathing in loving creation as the profound co-creators we are born to be, to bring into being a humanity that radiates profound grace and beauty. Co-creating innovation in tune with living creation.” – Maurice Spees – Earthkeeper

Through my work I naturally guide and inspire people into stepping into their most fully expressed self as the work of art that they are creatively expressing their journey of life through direct experience. When you have reached my site, your curiosity might already be enough to tell you that you are ready to take on this journey. My own life is all about creatively expressing communication, and in this communication being the bridge between the things that we tend to separate from each other. I create tailor-made bridges for you, guiding you in the most efficient use of your precious energy, to simplify and bring more grace and beauty in your life, so that you too can enjoy the marvels of being part of the magic of life, a life in health and prosperity filled with love. Without any more need.

I am delighted to present to you this profound platform that unfolded out of Mindful Photography to step into your gift, that we bring into being together in co-creation with Nature. Tailor-made for anyone who feels called on this journey.

Are you ready to discover how your life will be, if you were totally connected, attuned to the symphony of nature and in alignment with Source?

Start to live true to nature, by being your true nature, where your presence becomes your gift to the world.

Click on the Earthkeepers logo to learn more about the retreat. 



































May you awaken to the mystery of being here and enter the quiet immensity of your own presence. May you have the joy and peace in the temple of your senses.

John O'Donohue

Mindful Photography Workshops

Experience seeing your ordinary life with fresh eye, so that not just your pictures, but your entire life becomes EXTRAORDINARY! I offer workshops which enhance your vision and photography skills and refresh your perception, by getting you in touch with the beauty that is all around us as inspired by nature. Learn the power of observation and how to use your camera as a powerful vehicle for self-mastery. A life changing experience.
The workshops, tours and intensives are hands-on and include in-field training in mindful photography and we help you become a conscious conservation photographer.
Check out the offer and schedules below and come and join us at fabulous locations across the world.

When we loose our connection with nature, we loose the most essential part of ourselves. As an artist and guide I fully commit myself to help sustain this connection.

Maurice Spees



With Mindful Photography we are able to capture what is beyond the mind, being an aware observer of timelessness.

Maurice Spees

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Mindful Photography Gallery

Fine Art Mindful Photography work by Maurice Spees. To enhance the spirit of your living and work environment with the natural beauty of our world! All works are available on fine-art Giclée press, fine-art aluminium, acrylic or canvas. Feel free to contact me for more info.

I believe that happiness lies in the natural wonders of life, and by connecting to nature we open the gateway to our true potential.

Maurice Spees

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